Hi All! Please give me your opinion about the following method of transforming sentences from Active voice to Passive voice. The method...
This blog looks at direct and indirect speech.
About a week ago I joined a question session on grammar discussing the past perfect.
As I said, in writing my first assignment for the Open University I had problems with tenses.
I promised to let some of my professional beliefs fly around for you to shoot at.
  • Here are half a dozen rather disconnected thoughts to start with (more in the next blog). I'll be interested to know how far you agree or disagree, and why.1 We should beware of anything called 'The … method' or 'The … approach'. This may well...
  •                                                   DIRECT- INDIRECT SPEECH Look at the following two sentences: John said, “I am unwell now”. -   Sentence [1]. John said that he was unwell then. - Sentence [2]. Sentence [1] is said to be in Direct...
  •   Voice refers to the verb in a sentence. A sentence is said to be in Active voice if the subject does some action, as in: [1] John kicks the football. The subject ` John` acts. He `kicks` the football. A sentence is said to be in Passive voice if...
  • teachingenglish.org.uk/talk/questions/past-perfect.