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29 May 2014

I think that practicing reported speech is one of the most fun activities you can do with your students in order to get them writing....

30 Apr 2014

“Today, we are going to do some writing.”

30 Apr 2014

When I first started teaching, I used to get really frustrated when I set homework and my students didn’t do it.

30 Apr 2014

So you’ve done your CELTA or equivalent and been propelled out into the big, wide world of teaching with 6 hours of actual practice to...

30 Apr 2014

An app a day keeps the dull writing lesson away - 6 apps to make teenage and young adult learners write

07 Apr 2014

The Latin root of the word motivation means "that which inwardly moves a person to behave a certain way."

  • In particular I have a number of teens who are always difficult when it comes to homework, so I recently turned them into ‘fleet street hacks’ for some fun writing exercises.I decided to use an episode of the Agatha Christie crime series Hercule...
  • There is an inevitable groan that follows this statement. Heads drop. Complaints are muttered. Pencils that were on the desk a few moments ago suddenly disappear or need sharpening. The lesson either hits a lull or gets off to a painfully slow start.
  • Then I realized that I was just as bad. At school, I’d always been good at doing homework, but as an adult I just can’t seem to get into the habit. When I had a Czech lesson, I would always do my homework the night before, regardless of how long I...
  • What now? Well, I’m no teacher trainer yet (hoping to start an IH certificate course to train in that direction next academic year!) but nevertheless here are a few tips that have served me well thus far:
  • I’ve always thought writing is an effective method to learn because it allows time to think, to prepare, to make mistakes and to correct them. There are a lot of learners who disagree, though.Do your students moan and groan when it comes to writing...
  • Unfortunately, all too often we teachers talk about motivation as something we have to do to students instead of helping them identify ways they can motivate themselves.