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31 Jul 2015

Activities that require no preparation are an essential element of a teacher’s toolkit.

24 Jul 2015

Summer holidays give teachers a retreat from teaching, exams and correction.

24 Jul 2015

When you've been asked to cover a lesson at short notice, where can you look?

24 Jul 2015

In my experience there are two kinds of ‘covering’ for another teacher.

  • These are the kind of activities you have up your sleeve because you’ve been dropped in it from a great height at the last minute when a colleague is off sick, or because your planned activities took far less time than planned. So what do you do?One...
  • Besides attending a summer resort, this time can be profitably be used to introspect ourselves. I usually attend the orientation programmes as the resource person and enlighten the teachers upon the need to improve...
  • Here are four of my favourite no-prep activities and links from other people’s blogs, plus a book full of great ideas for you to be inspired by. Post 1: Laura Patsko’s last-minute lesson This lesson involves students getting to know more about...
  • In one kind, the teacher knew in advance that he would be away and will have prepared a lesson plan, complete with materials and maybe a few notes about the class itself; students to keep an eye on, students with special needs … The other kind...