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Lizzie Pinard - no prep activities

Activities that require no preparation are an essential element of a teacher’s toolkit.

Summer Holidays and Professional Development

Summer holidays give teachers a retreat from teaching, exams and correction.

Four blog posts and a book: no-prep activities

When you've been asked to cover a lesson at short notice, where can you look?

Katherine Bilsborough - no-prep activities

In my experience there are two kinds of ‘covering’ for another teacher.

My summer holiday 'to do' list

Although I am not actually taking a summer holiday from work, from late July to September, my workload lightens a little.

Parents and English.

Speaking English in a family is a nice topic for discussion.

Special needs.

Dealing with children with special needs takes careful treatment.

No Prep

Imagine your very first day as a teacher. You try to prepare for all eventualities.

  • These are the kind of activities you have up your sleeve because you’ve been dropped in it from a great height at the last minute when a colleague is off sick, or because your planned activities took far less time than planned. So what do you do?One...
  • Besides attending a summer resort, this time can be profitably be used to introspect ourselves. I usually attend the orientation programmes as the resource person and enlighten the teachers upon the need to improve...
  • Here are four of my favourite no-prep activities and links from other people’s blogs, plus a book full of great ideas for you to be inspired by.Post 1: Laura Patsko’s last-minute lessonThis lesson involves students getting to know more about their...
  • In one kind, the teacher knew in advance that he would be away and will have prepared a lesson plan, complete with materials and maybe a few notes about the class itself; students to keep an eye on, students with special needs … The other kind...
  • This gives me a chance to review the previous year and start preparing for the next. I have often thought about what sort of things I can do to make my teaching experience better while having a bit of a break during the summer, to relax away from...
  • It vividly brought to mind my own first days as a parent at The Manhattan School for Children in New York. There were at least ten languages spoken in our first grade families; many of them did not speak English at all. Spanish was wide spread, and...
  • There are children who need different approaches, individual timetables, flexible schedules, and careful treatment. It is important to understand that while some of them may have permanent learning disabilities like dyslexia, or some physical...
  • You memorize your lesson plan, study your new class roster, arrange your materials, choose a few extras, get ready. The bell rings, you enter the classroom on cotton legs, and suddenly you are faced with triple the expected number of students. The...