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30 Jun 2015

I find the relationship between accent and identity fascinating.

28 Jun 2015

Do you use realia in your classroom? What are benefits of using realia?

09 Jun 2015

It may seem, at first glance, that the terms autonomous and exam don’t go together very well.

  • I never noticed my own accent or that of the people around me until I heard my voice for the first time. As part of our language GCSEs (exams at age 16 in the UK) we had to go into a room with a tape recorder and record a piece we’d prepared over...
  • According to Wikipedia, ‘in education, realia (pronunciation ree-ah-lee-ah) are objects from real life used in classroom instruction by educators to improve students' understanding of other cultures and real life situations’. Some people would...
  • An autonomous learner is one who goes off and does their own thing while an exam very often acts as a constraint on the learning process, focusing everything in towards what is required to get that passing grade. And yet, it is very often the...