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15 Apr 2011

This publication presents a selection of papers about people’s experiences of English language policy and English development projects...

11 Apr 2011

A selection of papers presented at IATEFL 2010 by the British Council.

23 Jan 2011

This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 6th International Language & Development Conference.

23 Jan 2011

This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 7th International Language and Development Conference.

11 Jun 2010

A fascinating and highly accessible paper on English and development.

01 Jun 2010

English Next India was commissioned by the British Council and is the second publication in the English Next series.

28 May 2010

Whether, when, and how to teach English at primary level.

08 Jan 2010

This study assesses the impact that studying English has on students’ lives.

18 Nov 2009

As part of the British Council’s 75th anniversary celebrations, a number of publications are being re-launched online, previously only...

01 Sep 2009

This e-book was originally published in print form by the Catalan Teachers of English Association (APAC). 

06 Jul 2009

The future of English? was commissioned by the British Council and written by researcher David Graddol.

22 Dec 2008

The book offers practical advice and ideas on how to integrate aspects of equal opportunity and diversity into your work.

10 Nov 2008

This 54-page booklet comprises a collection of papers with contributions from leading researchers on global citizenship.

27 Feb 2008

This handbook has one simple purpose: to provide some practical suggestions for language teachers.

27 Feb 2008

English next was commissioned by the British Council and written by researcher David Graddol.

27 Feb 2008

A teaching pack based on materials developed by the British Council in cooperation with the BBC World Service.

27 Feb 2008

The Language Assistant manual was written as a guide and handbook for novice English language teachers.

28 Dec 2007

This publication promotes understanding of other cultures and reflection in order to avoid cultural bias and challenge stereotypes.

28 Dec 2007

Action Plan for Teachers is a practical guide for teachers of English.




  • The conference, which took as its theme ‘Linguistic Challenges to National Development & International Cooperation’, was co-hosted in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in October 2003 by the Ministry of Higher & Specialised Secondary Education, Republic...
  • The conference was held in Addis Ababa, in October 2005 and it was hosted jointly by the Ministry of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and by the British Council Ethiopia. In total 31 papers were presented during the...
  • Hywel Coleman looks at questions such as the role of English in employability, in international mobility, in accessing information, and English as an impartial language. Download the paper below.
  • English Next India sits as part of a wider programme of work by the British Council in India which aims to contribute to the development of English language teaching and learning in India. This book examines the complex nature of English in both the...
  • An international team of experts from around the world met to debate these questions - this is a selection of key chapters by leading thinkers on policy and implementation of English teaching at primary level from around the world. Published in...
  • By Dr Simon Borg of the University of Leeds Interviews were conducted with 47 British Council students in Muscat, Cairo, Rome, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City. The findings suggest that learning English has a positive impact on a wide...
  • The British Council was established in 1934, and one of our main aims has always been to promote the wider knowledge of the English language. Over the last 75 years, we have issued many important publications that have set the agenda for ELT...
  • This booked published by Associació de Professors d'Anglès de Catalunya (APAC) helped to launch the BritLit initiative at the APAC Congress in February 2009. It coincided with a visit to schools in the city of author Louise Cooper, who also...
  • First published in 1997 for educationists, politicians, managers – indeed any decision maker or planning team with a professional interest in the development of English worldwide, the book explores the possible long-term impact on English language...
  • This 96-page handbook has been produced for English teachers, by English teachers. The book is a showcase of best practice from a variety of teaching contexts around the world, where colleagues have successfully embedded equality and diversity in...
  • It provides not only sound theoretical frameworks for investigation but also practical findings for application in diverse segments of ELT, ranging from university environments to public schools and from EFL to ESL contexts in several corners of the...
  • It may be that you are thinking about setting up an association or that you have already started an association and would like more ideas on certain aspects. The suggestions which are presented here are all based on the practical experience of...
  • David Graddol is a British applied linguist, well known as a writer, broadcaster, researcher and consultant on issues relating to global English. The report argues that we are already in a very new kind of environment and a new phase in the global...
  • It was inspired by the British Council's 15th Oxford Conference on Teaching Literature Overseas, which was held in 2000. The theme of the conference was 'From critical thinking to creative writing.' The publication is dedicated to those starting to...
  • It is packed with tips and useful ideas for those taking their first steps into the classroom. This book is free to download below as a pdf file.  
  • This pack represents the outcome of a project proposal started at the Hornby Summer School Brazil 2006 where we had the opportunity to explore the concept of Intercultural Competence in depth, as well as its implications for the current ELT scenario...
  • This 44-page illustrated book on the subject of English Language Teaching covers the topics of planning and preparing lessons, teaching methodology and classroom practice, as well as using technology in the classroom.It contains tips and suggestions...
  • The activities will help teachers to explore the role of creativity in the classroom both in the sense of helping students to express their unique creative identity and also by helping them to think about and use language in a creative way. The...
  • This project may be of interest to anyone involved in curriculum development.