In the discussion initiated by me on whether a good teacher is a good actor...

Girishseshamani provoked my thinking of an excellent teacher who are:

 ‘the subject expertise,


 impartial by nature,

 respecting each student for what he is,

being firm but polite,


creating trust in the students that you will take care of them,

having a good sense of humour,

and last but not the least dedication towards the profession’.   

Personally I agree with innovativeness, impartial by nature, being polite, discipliniarian or it is better to say self-disciplined and self-organised, and can add some my considerations as to an excellent teacher who should be

  • trustworthy person
  • patient
  • open to changes (life long learning)
  • commited and loyal to the profession
  • reflective (?) 

I will be very grateful if you continue the list of excellent qualities of an EFL teacher and express your pros and cons on the mentioned above ones.

Besides, what's the difference between good and excellent teacher(s)?

Can we measure these qualities? If not, how we can know that this teacher is good and that one is excellent?

So, as you see there are more questions than answers...

Looking forward to hear from you.  It would be nice if you describe the excellent teacher(s) you have met in your life.  Personally I am happy to meet some :-). 




Okay, I'll add three to the above:
+ Resilent - to take the inevitable knocks that will come your way and bounce back.
+ A reader of people
+ Diplomatic

I think an excellent teacher must be:

  • Communicative
  • well-mannered
  • psychologist - to feel kids, their state of mind

Hi Zira! I would add : reflective teachers  should be excellent  teachers. These are teachers who reflect on their  lessons , think of improvements  and give feedback to themselves.Good and excellent ?  A good teacher  is just an ordinary teacher , who knows her subject , prepares for the lessons, takes care of her teacher development and undergoes trainings.An execellent teacher is all the things mentioned , plus immensely creative, reflective and flexible. An excellent teacher is keen on changing , trying out , experimenting  and improvising.NeliBatumiGeorgia

An excellent teacher has the essential knowledgeand essential skills
essential knowledge includes knowledge of self and students,knowledge of subject matter,knowledge of educational theory and research.
essential skills include teaching skills and techniques,interpersonal skills

Hi Zira,
For me an exccellent teacher is one who knows the needs of his/her students.  This is because, only then will the teacher be able to fulfil the needs of the students.  The teacher can teach as much as he/she wants and as well as he/she can; but if these do not meet the needs of the student it'll all go to waste. 
Having got this out of the way, it follows that the excellent teacher should be able to do all those other things that have been mentioned, i.e. plan a good lesson, be innovative in delivery, etc. 

Dear All who contributed to my blog
Thanks for your answers and clarifications of understanding who excellent teachers are and their distinctions from good teachers.  I can’t, but agree with all of you that excellent teacher should be resilient, diplomatic, well-mannered, flexible, reflective, creative, innovative, have good interpersonal skills, be effective communicator, psychologist (can read people/students) etc. to fulfill the needs of the students as Ajit Singh Nagpal rightly picked up.
Here a question arises:
Are excellent teachers born? Or can they be trained or developed?  If yes, how?
Thanks in advance.  You will be very helpful not only for me personally.

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