What is grammar? Is it essential to speak or write in English?


To speak or write your view in English, you need know to form a sentence to express your idea. Any sentence in English language is under a rule that may be called Grammar. All Sentences are framed under the rules of voice, tense and statement. This is the basic need to express your ideas in English. The rule what you should follow is called Grammar.

Grammar cannot be separated from one’s learning English, and one cannot be doing anything in English only by having perfect Knowledge in Grammar, because a good English is more than a matter of grammar.

Can one speak in English without Grammar? If one asks me, I would say Of course, this question is wrong, because all in English depend on Grammar. One could speak in English by violating the Grammar rule but his English will never be like English.

The status of one’s speech in English is depending upon his designation indeed.

‘How English is spoken ‘- is not a matter, but “By whom it is spoken’ is of course a big matter. Therefore, whether Grammar is essential or not is to be determined by the sense of a learner.

However, if one would like to speak or write in right English, the following paraphernalia must be known that is VOICE, TENSE and STATEMENT.


(There are two voices. See in “what is voice?”)


(The 12 tenses are elaborated into 20 in this pattern. See in “What is tense?”)


(The 4 statements are elaborated in to more than 16 statements. See in “What is statement?”)       

Let us know later the fundamental of Voices, tenses and statements respectively.



V.Mahendiran- Nagapattinam- India


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