I would say that it is a big task to speak a non native language

One could be shy if he or she isn't quiet well in his tongue, means mother tongue. it's of course a madly thought if the same person shies for being deficient on speaking other language.

The willingness to learn to speak a second language is matter of the necessity of such language. English's necessity in India particularly in Tamilnadu is vital.

Visitors are surprised indeed whether It is Tamilnadu or any colony of English territories when they would hear voices of English speaking. All or almost all the organisations are preferring persons who are fluent in English language. Persons are considering that English speaking is decency and they deserve those who handle English language could understand any risk or they could do whatever task easily. Students studied in english medium are supposed to be stronger at work than native medium holders although socially some cadres are protesting this fact.

Right or wrong, the tendency is so, thus job seekers even many who held jobs are an enormous eager to speak or to learn to speak English language therefore rushing to study centres. Byvirtue of English language a number of Institutes are suviving.

The master is you if you are keen in English. You should speak with you first. Thoughts what you want ot express in English to be formed in English itself. You should hear voices noices any kind of sounds only in English. You may be surprised what I come to say here, ENGLISH IS EASIER THAN TAMIL.

Having a small amount of words is enough to operate English language. Whatever a thought formed in any language could be spoken in English gently, what you have to do is, hurling shyness while yoooou speak in English. For two reasons you may fall into shy, one is, whether others blame you for your speaking in English though you have a native tongue (it occurs when you speak with your native persons). the another one is , whether you break grammar on your speaking.

If you are truly shy for the reasons said above that must be stupid.

...... will be continued in another post later.





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