English teachers...... Doesn't it look like an ambiguity?

English teachers...... Doesn't it look like an ambiguity?  I mean the teachers who teach English as a subject.

It is said only to Non natives- is to be known please.
As soon as reach the class room many teachers start to trouble students namely teaching lesson poem grammar contently.
Students wouldn't pay their attention if one does so. They need a take off in teaching and learning. They need a time to refresh who is to teach today and what, and who has come now.
Let them gaze your face by gazing their faces individually, it may enable you to know the presence figure and to measure yourself what and how to teach, and where you had paused the curser in the last day.
Just you start you conversation by enquiring like 'How do you do? And chat for a minute about a very recent affair like cricket or new movie.
Just pull up a story or a recent incident which related to the topic what you are to teach.
Slightly take off your lesson with a mild smiled face but be serious.
First 20 minutes, Don't teach but talk about the source of topic.
Intonation modulation will make a fruitfulness on your teaching and unknowingly they would expect for you continuation if you go wide of lesson.
Teacher is not a boss of a student but a guide, you should make them salute you of your stuffed and colorful teaching.

I just extemporaneously have written it. if i think more by chewing my experience I will be back to you in this topic later.

post your comments.


AP in English in mechanical department
E.G.S.Pillay engineering college

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