An easy way to shine in English one's self is to transmit views frequently.

It is called SELF MASTER. It's not fair that one must need a trainer to learn English for speaking. One can formate himself in English from his thought which may be framed in his mother tongue. Thought is common across the world. A thought can even be expressed wihout a language. Language is just an instrument to practice through words. 

Be confirmed in thoughts. that is done habitually in one's mother tongue. thus frame thoughts in your tongue then you try to speak the same thoughts in English. sometimes, dialect might vary from a tongue to tongue. so when you trnsmit such thoughts from your tongue to English you must confirm whether such thoughts are in English dialect.

Instantly it may seem to be a tough work but if you practice often you will realise that this is an easy way to speak in English.


We will meet later.


AP in English

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