Let your mind be free and usual when speak your matter in a second language.

As I see many that take extra care with their speaking while they speak their mother tongue usual. You just don't think you are speaking a second language. If you put your deep look that you are in an another language you can never speak flluently even if you may be very very good in grammar.

More than grammar, something that troubles the non-natives of English,  are variously  called FEAR, STAGE NERVOUS,

Share your views...we will discuss deeply in this regard.


AP in English



I'd dwell upon not second but third language as it's relevant to the issue you've touched upon.In my case it's French.I studied it at university and in fact I was very proud of my knowledge.But during a year after graduation I did not have a chance to practise it regularly that's why when I came to France as a tourist and a conference participant I preferred to speak English.You're right I felt nervous as everybody around was extremely fluent speaking French and they had absolutely no time to wait for me trying hard to express something.I knew all the Grammar rules,my vocabulary was not poor but I lacked fluency and it made me refuse from speaking French that was not hailed by native speakers.and that made me nervous again and again. 

Tend in your thoughts what you want to express rathar than comcentrating in construction for rules. deliver what you want to pay yoour out put. think think think think and think only about your views what you wish to  explore. No bothering how others do. Even no bothering some are around you. Don't care of one's findinding your commited mistakes. think none is clever in the world but the god.

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