Questioning is more usual than answering in conversation, isn't it?

The question formates are known as interrogatives. In academy pattern, it's said that there are three types of interrogative statements such as WH, YES OR NO and TAG.

In my view as what i have scrutinised in my book, these three can be categorised as more divisions such as, 1.RQ/S, 2.RQ/V, 3.RQ/O, 4.RQ/IO, 5.RQ/ADV.Q, 6.RQ/ADV.T, 7.RQ/ADV.P, 8.RQ/C, 9.SPQ 10.TAG

These all types can be made on both voices as well as in negative forms. The expansion for the abreviations seen above.

RQ: Regular question

S: Subject,

V: Verb,

O: Object,

IO: Indirect object,

ADV.Q: Adverb of quality,




SP:Specific question.

The readers are advised here to form sentence for each formula and sharpen in formating interrogative forms.

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