Will the Blended Learning be Formal Education in the Future?

Will the Blended Learning be Formal Education in the Future?

Nowadays, everybody is talking about the sophisticated fashion of education,the blended learning.But the question that will imposes itself upon our educational life is”Will the blended be formal education after, let us say, a decade? The answer to this question is represented in our predictions of the future that are germane to the process of teaching , the method of learning and the uprising of the scientific and technological mutations.

All the evidence proves that the blended learning will be the dominant kind of learning after a decade from now.What is this evidences that will make us witness this radical change in the educational life?For instance,if we google for online courses, we will find that many reputable universities around the world are offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees online..If we view the advantages of these degrees, we will find out that there are several reasons that may attract many learners to these kind of courses.Firstly,the tuition fees of the degrees are reasonably affordable in many fields of study in comparison with the residential degrees.Secondly,these online degrees make the learners save the expenses of transportation and the tiredness of commuting under cruel weather circumstances.Thirdly, the learner could save time to accomplish other activities.Interestingly, many educational institutions are offering today free online courses and that is called”MOOCs”(Massive Open Online Courses) in different fields of study like Futurelearn,Coursera, Edx, etc....So when any learner googles for these kind of courses they, will find them and can easily register in them..This means that any learner would not be deprived of obtaining the education that they desire in any field in the future.This will lead any learner to say”Why should I take face-to face course(residential) course while this course is available for free online?”

If wet tackle the ESL/EFL online courses, we will find out that there are tons of websites that offers for English learners many videos and ESL/EFL materials that treats the different English language skills.For instance, let’s check the British Council website, we can definitely touch the efforts exerted by the British Council to submit materials for the learners that could incite them, to know how to learn English and to develop their linguistic skills properly.In addition to this ,the British Council undeniably demonstrates a really appreciated step when it has submited MOOCS on Futurelearn website. The first MOOC is called “Exploring English: Language and Culture” and is consecrated for English learners to gain general knowledge about the British culture and examines how English in utilized to help learners improve their English skills. The second MOOC, Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching.,is designed with the collaboration with University of Southampton for the English language teachers to assist them in grasping at some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages.

Finally, after having this panoramic view about the blended learning and its differential aspects from residential(face-to-face) learning,what do you think about this evidence?It may take some time until it becomes formal education, but it is not impossible that one day the blended will be some kind of formal education.

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