I am usually asked this question which is not easy to be answered.

I believe that teaching is the job that grants me symmetrical harmony with the nature of my personality and my life. I feel that it is a catalyst that boosts an innate talent that makes me stand in the classroom like an orchestra conductor leading his orchestra in an innovative organization.
As an ESL/EFL teacher, the English vocabulary is not just words in textbooks, but celestial beads that can be assembled in lists with different themes with the purpose of developing a wide vocabulary for the students.
The English grammar is the hands of a watch that adjusts structuralization of the syntax and semantics in a counterclockwise fashion. When I make up the reading comprehension questions, I find myself envisaging a vanquishable challenge.Accordingly, I gain a wealth of exhilarating experiences when I set up questions that measure the various linguistic levels of the students.
The English poetry carries me on a silver elusive craft to an infinite world. When I am in the classroom, I make the students join me on this journey when being on the craft. When an English poem is read in the classroom, time ceases to exist. The interaction between me as a teacher and my students who come from diverse cultural backgrounds is for me like an attempt of enhancing my inner spiritual dynamism.
When one of my students passes an IELTS or TOEFL exam, he/she makes success that lift my morale and I count this as an accomplishment.
Finally, I would like to say that life is moments of success and failure, but one must maintain a vision for his/her professional career. I have chosen teaching English to my job, because I am certain that my steps towards success are endless.

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