When things don't turn out as planned_an EFL conversation class

Disappointments and talking about unsuccessful attempts are topics which tend to be avoided in EFL classes, however, students definitely need this kind of language, expressions and vocabulary. A pint of humour from the sitcoms chosen add the element of fun so that the light, learning-promoting atmosphere of an English class can be there. Sitcoms are also a rich source of current colloquial expressions and slang, which should be noticed and highlighted every chance we can.

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Mobile devices and BYOD possibilities

As teachers we now face a time when one of the main edtech issues is to make use of the current technology owned by the students or BYOD (which stands for Bring your own device).

This involves considering apps whose learning purposes are justified, free of charge and accessible via the three main operational systems: Apple iOS, Android, Windows phone. A trend that studies the benefits of using mobile devices in the classroom is MALL, short for Mobile Assisted Language Learning.

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Using Infographics in the ELT classroom

Photo by Victoria Boobyer provided courtesy of ELTPics

Infographic. Such a recent word that it can barely be found in dictionaries!
It refers to a visual representation of information to make it easier to understand. There is such a variety of topics to choose from and mostly they can give you valuable information at a glance.

The idea

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