New blog topics for May.

A big thank you to everyone who wrote a post in April. If you missed any of these posts you can read them here

The topics for May are now available below: 

The learning environment / Classroom management
A large proportion of teachers take on extra work teaching one-to-one classes with private students. What are your experiences of this and how do the lessons differ? How do you alter your teaching to this kind of situation? Are there any activities or tasks that you always use which work well?

Teacher development
Following up on last month’s blog topic on motivating students, what do you do to stay motivated and avoid burnout as a teacher? What simple steps or strategies would you recommend to help teachers stay motivated?

The learner
Do you teach young learners in an academy or in the public sector? If so, you almost certainly write reports and meet parents at teacher/parent evenings. What do you do to prepare for these? What do you say to parents whose kids are having difficulties with their learning? Do you prepare anything to give to parents about helping with their child’s learning? What is acceptable and not acceptable when speaking to parents?

Career development
In April, we asked for your advice on how newly-qualified teachers can develop. During April, we had a comment on the site from a new teacher asking how to avoid spending hours planning classes and risk burn-out. What tips can you give on lesson planning? How do you plan your lessons and what have you learnt in your years as a teacher about planning classes that stops you from spending hours and hours doing this?

Happy blogging



Thanks, Paul! Excellent topics, very inspiring, giving us a new perspective on some familiar subjects. Lots of food for thought :)

Hi Paul, i had some trouble logging on to the site over the past week or so, you were doing some upgrades apparently. Anyhow, finally got back on to the site today, but i cant Blog anymore. Can you help me to get blogging again as i really wanted to post a topic from last month but I just couldn't log in. many thanks, Rachel.

Hi Rachel, we're still having a few issues at the moment but will hopefully get it all sorted out very soon. In the meantime, if you want to email your post I'll add it to the page.
Thanks, Paul

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