Hi everyone - we're very sorry for posting the December blog topics late this month!

A single topic for this month though... 'Motivation'. It's a broad one and could focus either on your own motivation or the motivation of your students. A couple of suggestions below:

  1. The challenge of motivating ourselves for the day-to-day teaching, managing, writing, etc. that we do is usually helped along by a few moments in the year that help us feel that what we do is worthwhile. It could be a new role, some positive feedback, a royalty cheque(!), a class, a student or boss doing or saying something, or preparing for a talk or workshop... Think back over the year and reflect on some of those moments - what are they and how have they helped?
  2. Motivating teenagers is always a popular theme at conferences, which shows that it's not an easy thing to do. Is there one activity that you've used or suggested this year that resulted in students being truly motivated?
  3. An acrostic with the word 'Motivation' or any other motivation-related word or phrase!

Happy blogging!

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