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This is thanks to all of your blog posts throughout May and June this year. Last month, over 65,000 people read your blog posts!

Our four new topics for July and August 2016 look at the theme of 'managing the lesson' and ask you to think about some of the approaches you use when teaching, giving feedback, challenging students and thinking about effective classroom management

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Blog topic 1

What are some of the best or most effective ways you've found of giving feedback to your students or doing error correction?

Blog topic 2

There are many approaches and methodologies in teaching English - PPP, TTT, TBL, Dogme are just a few. But do we really follow these structures, methodologies or approaches or do our lessons grow organically from a loose plan. How do we ensure that our teaching includes space for spontaneity?

Blog topic 3

Classroom management. How do you define it in your context and what does it really entail?

Blog topic 4

Nearly all teachers face a challenging class or student at some point in their careers. Think about a class or a particular student - why was it/(s)he challenging? How did you deal with the situation?

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