Welcome to a new year of blogging. We start 2017 with topics related to different aspects of professional development.

To start 2017, we have four new blog topics around the broad theme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our new topics include a focus on action research, mentoring, looking back at challenges from the last 12 months and teaching in difficult circumstances.

As always, we'd love to get ideas from you about the topics you want to write about and feedback about the TeachingEnglish website. Please let us know what topics you're interested in by emailing us at teachingenglish@britishcouncil.org.
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Thanks and happy blogging!
Blog topic 1
What is the provision for mentoring and coaching teachers where you work? Have you ever been a mentor or a coach, or have you been mentored by another teacher? How did the experience enahance your skills as a teacher or mentor? What activity did you do during the process and what are the benefits/drawbacks of a mentoring scheme?
Blog topic 2
What are some of the challenges and changes you have faced in the past year in your teaching? Did you change schools, teach for a new exam or school policy, teach a new level or age group, or have particularly talented or challenging learners? How did you meet these challenges? How did you identify what aspect of your teaching needed to change? What action did you take what effect did this have on your classroom practice?
Blog topic 3
Do you teach in challenging circumstances, such as low-resource classrooms, large class sizes, or in developing country contexts? How do you find ways to develop as a teacher? Are you able to collaborate with other teachers in similar circumstances, to share ideas and experiences? What do you find supports you in your teaching the most?
Blog topic 4
What do you understand by the term 'Action Research'? Is this something you have ever tried? What aspect of your teaching did you research and how did your teaching change as a result?

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