What was the most motivating or best part of your job in 2018?

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Obviously, this question is totally personal!! Perhaps, the answer won’t be of great interest for many readers but here it goes…

First, this topic called my attention because, by the end of every year, I always look back to see how that year has been on balance, in general! But this time, I will focus on my job all along 2018 to find the most motivating part and I would say “the most challenging" too…

I will start saying that 2018 was completely different because I was on leave at school but at the same time, I worked “online”! Before 2018, I had worked in a blended learning context at a primary level in a private institution; what means that most of my activities had been online but I also had my face-to-face time at school. 2018 challenged me to be involved in a virtual context completely,  which at the beginning scared me a bit. I have developed myself professionally for the last ten years on how to use technology to improve learning, on how to combine the best of technology and the best of classroom practice.

But going back to 2018, I worked to get the best profit from technology. I had to develop different technological components based on different topics. I used a diverse set of ICT tools to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information. It was a great impact on teaching, learning and attainment. Those “technological components" encouraged independent and active learning in many ways. Learners had fun by having access to a wide range of up to date learning materials.

In conclusion, I think that the whole year, 2018, was motivating but mainly challenging. ICT are transformational tools which, when used appropriately can promote the shift to a learner-centred environment. Well…I hope 2019 could turn to be as rewarding as 2018 was but obviously, it will depend on my own pedagogical beliefs and values to be played in shaping these technological-mediated learning opportunities.

Patricia Ielmini