Writing is your superpower

Whereas the concept of 'creative writing' seems too vague and far from the real life, 'practical writing' is definitely worth a shot.

Post by Natalia Moiseeva

Our Gen-Z students are determined and like challenges. So, to 'sell' any writing activity to them show what’s the practical value in it and make it fun, gamify!

In fact, an ability to write powerful texts is not just a language sklil – it’s a superpower! Because any advertising or political campaign, social movement, negotiations or even relationships start with the text.

I don’t want to talk you out of being creative! I just want to remind you to set the goals first – to know what exactly you want to achieve thinking out of the box. Every text has its aim –to inform, to sell, to advertise, to persuade, to instruct. It depends.

Imagine, you‘ve invested your money to the construction of the hotel in the least attractive area of your city. Now, you need to write an advertisement to attract tourists.

Our goal is to present it in the best possible way – keeping focus on the doubtful advantages of the place.

Now the creativity is back on track! Try to picture your future readers and potential clients. There are different approaches to characterise your reader. We’ll focus on one of them. People are said to perceive information differently depending on which hemisphere of their brain is dominant.

People with the right hemisphere dominant are more likely to be impressed by the text full of unusual metaphors, bright comparisons, colorful images, extreme adjectives.

Let's practise a little. Continue the phrases:

Eating in our hotel restaurant is like...

The views from our suites are as....as...

Our new check-in system is ...

However, the readers with the left hemisphere dominant are said to have impressive analytical skills. So they are more responsive to dates, numbers, statistics, citations, facts.

Let's practise. Try to change the phrases with concrete data:

We are the best hotel in the area.

Many people came to visit us last months.

The fee for accommodation include many extra services.

Now write you own advertisement of the hotel. Make sure both type of readers will be pleased.

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