5 greatest fears of the English teachers

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As soon as It's cool to be a bit spooky this month, I decided to come out with 5 most thinly-veiled fears of the English teachers. Let’s try to face the reality and find out how is that silver-lining?

1. You are unprepared - for some awkward reasons you forgot to work out a lesson plan or at least to sketch some ideas, so you are in front of the class and you've got nothing in your sleeve. Booo!

Solution: - A good chance to try a Dogme lesson. Come up with a simple question: How do you feel today? and just follow the flow.

2. You are helpless - after the series of warnings you've finally imposed your super-severe punishment for misbehaviour (like sending a student to the headmistress‘ office) and…nothing happened. It didn't work! What can you do?

Solution: - It’s definitely a test-time!

3. You are behind the time – today’s youngsters Ss can cheat even with their smart watches! You don’t grasp modern apps and gadgets (and to be honest, don’t want to).

Solution: - Try old hat tricks. The antidote to gadgets are books! Writing a review of a novel sounds good.

4. You are silly – Ss ask you a question you are not quite able to answer – hello, you are not Mrs Encyclopedia!

Solution: - Delegate. Let the students find and report the answer themselves (no matter what the result is, you’ll buy time to find out the right answer youself).

5. You are not feeling great – something is wrong with your make-up or outfit today and you are under the weather.

Solution: - The show must go on anyway! As my experienced colleague puts it "The scarier the better!“ Whatever may, come to class and have "a wicked good time!“

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