When I started teaching I was 16, I had just finished my English course at an English institute.

My first teaching steps started at a public school, it was amazing things we can do with a few or no resources. I was studying to be an engineer, but when I first taught I felt in love.

Despite the difficulties, students were eager to learn another language. I had no methodology unless following the book is called method, but what I could notice was that this way I would not help my students to grow. So I started to wonder what I could do to change or what I could do to help them to have interest in learning another language. Then I decided to search on the Internet, and I found so many activities, songs activities, videos and also I realised that too many materials without resources, so i did not give up. I took my radio, I bought sheets of papers, coloured papers and cardboard. I tried to change the way they learned English just because I decided to believe that I could do something.

From that day on, I tried to improve my teaching skills just because by doing it my students would gain a lot... then I moved on to a private school, and I could see the other side, teaching English with resources, with access to Internet, courses offered by the school, it made me feel comfortable to risk. Doing a masters, I felt in love with my teaching and I felt responsible for their learning.

Nowadays I am an educator, not only a teacher, because teachers only teach who wants to learn and educators take care of every single student; I mean the slow ones and the fast ones, an educator takes into consideration each difficulty the student has, each minor progress is seen as a progress, and that's why I love my teaching history, because I know through it i will always make a difference in my students' lives in the same way they make a difference in mine.

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