Technology has become a crucial part of our everyday lives.


That’s why the understanding of Information and Communications Technologies and their role is essential for effective teaching.


Speaking about ICT, I think it’s first very important to understand what result we actually want to achieve. As we know, we have a variety of technologies available and we need to somehow assess them – to underline some pros and cons of using ICT.

Here I’d like to show you the results of a collaborative work of the teachers at ICT face-to-face course of British Council in Russia concerning this issue.




1)      more effective and appealing to the students

2)      interactive form

3)      illustration of any materials, varieties of presentation

4)      saves time

5)      self-study possibilities

6)      perspective trend

7)      development of creativity

8)      lots of resources online

9)      motivation, engagement, effectiveness

10)  develops ss’ (and teacher’s) creativity

11) variety during the lesson  




1)      may harm your health

2)      time-consuming

3)      may lead away from real life

4)      possible technical problems

5)      expensive

6)      requires lots of effort

7)      limited working time

8)      badly equipped classrooms

9)      possible attention shift

10)  constant need of upgrades

11)  no reliable access to the web

12)  problem of adjusting the resources to your lesson plan



Dear colleagues, what do you think about these points? Please feel free to add some of your great ideas as well!







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