Teaching is always exciting to me although I've been teaching college English for a decade in China and Thailand.

I love my job so much that I've been inspired to reflect on what kind of English teachers are good ones.

An English teacher is a happy stream flowing happily in his career life. Students are thirsty birds who come to drink and leave for their new journey. However, a stream cannot force the birds to drink like a mother chasing her children to feed them. A stream should make herself cleaner and decorate herself with flowers to attract those birds. Therefore, it's more important for an English teacher to pursue his career and perfect his teaching to make the students worship him and willing to learn after him.


An English teacher is an artist who can draw to illustrate what he wants to express, who can smile in class regardless of ups and downs in his life, who can mime when it's necessary to amuse the class and to get him across in a vivid way. Communication involves many kinds of strategies and teachers should illustrate them naturally.


An English teacher is a compass which shows the right direction for students who are sailors sailing on the vast sea of knowledge. For the most part, students are not sure what and how they should learn, teachers should help them out.


An English teacher is a swimming coach who not only gives instruction but also leads students to the swimming pool and pushes them into it to practice. Otherwise, students only know the declarative knowledge but not the procedural knowledge, and will be drowned in real communication.


An English teacher is a tailor who endows a piece of cloth a second life. Teaching English knowledge is not the only task in class. Learners are cloth weaved by their mothers. Teachers should set good examples to students and be influential to shape their personality.


An English teacher is a doctor who can diagnose the problems that lie in his patients and give them prescription. Teachers usually have similar English learning experiences in the past and professional education, which can help them sense students' problems.


The list of metaphors for English teachers can go on, showing how challenging and exciting teaching English is.

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