The ability to speed read is an important skill in today’s world, where whether we are students or at work.

The ability to speed read is an important skill in today’s world, where whether we are students or at work. We are often expected to read hefty amounts of materials on a daily basis. As a result, improving our speed read training technique is something each and every one of us should not only do but maintain. It is an almost instinctive reaction to think that reading faster equates with comprehending with less empirical evidence. However, seems to indicate otherwise – individuals who comprehend what they have read as those who read too fast.

Vocalization i.e., the biggest hurdle in speed reading very often, when pursuing materials

relating to improving our speed reading skills. We will see comments to the effect that vocalization is the biggest hurdle in speed reading. We’ll need to overcome this practice if we want to significantly increase our reading speed. It is the basic skill for college students including foreign language learners. Reading ability generates learning power that helps students know themselves and others better as well.

The importance of ability includes three parts. First, reading ability generates learning power that helps you know yourself and others better. Second, reading power activates learning power. An individual with know-how is more worth than one without know-how. It helps you in two ways, getting a better job and succeeding on a job. Third, reading power is also yearning power, serving as a catalyst for creativity.

Skimming means pass or glance over lightly or in a superficial manner. Many students probably consider that their main problem in reading is not having a big enough vocabulary. Students who meet a word they cannot interpret are first likely to ask what it means, which is fine as long as an informant is available, but not practical as the basis for interdependent study. After that, most of the students turn to dictionaries. This is very natural and in some circumstances advisable. But in fact, one of the first things to be said about a dictionary is “Don’t use it too much”. Students who keep working up new words read not that effectively. Every time we break off to consult a dictionary, you slow down our reading and interrupt our thinking; it would be idiotic to ban the use of dictionaries.

We must free ourselves from dependence of a dictionary or an informant. It is essential to realize that we can cope without one, and that it is wasteful to look up every new word, but any students reading for a serious study purpose need to be able to look up new words. Dictionaries vary, so students need to be familiar with the kind of information offered by their own.

In addition, skimming allows your subconscious the chance to absorb the main ideas of a text. These are later cemented by your speed reading of the contents. The combination of these two methods allows you grater comprehension of what you are reading. Having ascertained that skimming will increase out reading speed, we now need to know how to skim read, whilst there are many different methods adopted to skim reading like read the index of a text means note that it is essential that you do this so that you get the general ideal of what the next is about.

Read the introduction paragraph of the text
Read each heading in the text
Read each subheading in the text etc.


Moreover, when skimming, try using your peripheral eye vision to identify the main idea of the text, the main dates in the text and any illustrations/graphs. Finally, when you are skimming, start at the beginning and over what you have already read before you have completed the whole text as this will defeat the purpose of your skim reading. In any event, you are going to speed read the text once more after you have completed your skim read.

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