Giving Feedback

Writing is something that people ‘evade’ because it is least needed for survival. Given its importance today, it is paradoxical that writing is sometimes referred to as a less ‘necessary skill’ not needed in day to day life. I couldn’t agree more to Tribble that the ’authority and permanence’ a written piece conveys in comparison to a spoken text or discourse only contrasts the aforesaid view.

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Embracing Inclusion

It calls for prowess along with ‘sense sensitive training’. In this post I would like to share my experience of teaching a bright and ambitious visually impaired teenage girl, in the mainstream classroom.
I vividly remember the first day when I was in for a surprise. I marched into my classroom armed with usual handouts and power points oblivious of my class profile. At the door stood a woman who apprised me of her daughter’s small amount of residual sight not enough to read and study.

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Self assessments with students

If one is able to identify and see one’s own movement , it builds up a lot of confidence which in return has a domino effect on his or her motivation for learning. In addition to informing instruction and developing learners with the ability to guide their own instruction it helps in sharing and understanding of learning intentions in relation to successful learning.

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Approaches and Methodologies in Teaching English - Do They Leave Space For Spontaneity?

In a classroom situation do we actually follow the models or stray away to respond to the emerging situation , and yet achieve the learning aims is something worth reflecting upon?

For me teaching methodologies are like ‘straight Jackets’ that help us slip into the lesson and ‘play safe’ making it easier for us to meet ‘our’ aims. But do we stick to these when we are in a classroom or wander away to deal with emergent language or spontaneity. I recount a lesson while being observed for my DELTA. It was a Vocabulary lesson and I was following text based approach.

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