Smartphones are usually regarded as a distraction in studies. However, integrating their use in the lesson structure could turn teaching into a much more individualized process, especially in a big class.
In this post, I will share several ideas for smartphone use that have significantly improved my interaction with students.

1. In a large class, I use audience interaction app for initiating discussion and for reviewing grammar topics. I run polls that students can take part in using their phones and a code I provide on the screen. The results are immediately projected and can be discussed. If it is a grammar question, the poll allows me to see what percentage of the students answered it correctly and serves as an indication of which topics I should dwell on and which not.

Audience interaction app: SliDo

2. I use flashcard games to teach vocabulary. One of my favourite platforms is Quizlet. I create a set for each text we study and ask students to use their phones to learn the set and play with it for some time. As learning pace is very different for each student, this format is perfect for them. I use 'Quizlet Live' as a fun group activity to review the set afterwards.

Vocabulary tasks: Quizlet

3. Sometimes slightly boring textbook multiple-choice questions can be turned into an exciting game using a special app. I prepare a set of multiple-choice questions to a text. During a lesson, I project a code to the board. Students can access the questionnaire using their phones and the code. They answer the questions on their own pace, but they can see their progress relatively to the rest of the class, which makes it feel a bit like a competition. Once finished, they get a detailed feedback on their mistakes. Besides, I can see control their performance on the big screen. It enables individualized assessment and feedback.

Multiple choice tasks app: Quizziz

4. While reading a text students come across terms and names they are not familiar with. I encourage them to use search mechanisms on their phones to read more about a certain person, event or concept.

Information search: Google, Wikipedia

In my opinion, technology is there to help us make the teaching process more individualized and efficient.
Enjoy your teaching!

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