Smart Use of Smartphones in Class

1. In a large class, I use audience interaction app for initiating discussion and for reviewing grammar topics. I run polls that students can take part in using their phones and a code I provide on the screen. The results are immediately projected and can be discussed. If it is a grammar question, the poll allows me to see what percentage of the students answered it correctly and serves as an indication of which topics I should dwell on and which not.

Audience interaction app: SliDo

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The 'Real' Test

A 'real world' assessment is an assessment adjusted to your students' everyday/professional experience. It is supposed to indicate the odds to succeed in their current or desired environment. Therefore, it should not be separate from the learning process, but rather an integral part of it. This is the reason to consider using portfolio instead of standardized tests.
So what is the assessment process like?

It is very much like a ping-pong game between the students and the teacher. To illustrate my point I would like to list the steps of such process and a case description.

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Feedback and Error Correction – Is It Your Job?

Error correction performed by the teacher followed by a feedback is a usual part of most traditional and even non-traditional school approaches. However, if we think about it, our ultimate goal is to teach the students how to become independent learners and be able to check their own work. Lack of awareness about the necessity of doing this has become one of my teaching challenges.

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