How to keep a teacher motivated?

Well, let's start saying that teaching is not the easiest job in the world.

When I have one to one or group lessons I can't help taking everything personally, being a teacher is not just a job, you put everything you have to be able to give to your students "something". When the lesson goes well, I come back home with a big smile on my face and I am happy because I was able to give something to my student/s but, on the other hand, when the lesson goes badly, well, I am upset because I wasn't able to give that "something" to my student/s or I wasn't able to find the right "path" to make a connection with him/her/them.

That said, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated, especially in those bad days, but there are "steps" that can be followed in order to always get up :

Always try to know the student. You can't teach if you do not know your student. Only in this way the teacher will succeed in finding the right path to make a connection and help the student to improve.

  • Never grow tired of surfing the internet searching for new material, new lessons, asking other teachers' advice and so on. You never stop learning, never!
  • A good job for the teacher is to write down that specific teaching method that was successful with that student. This can help in the future with other students with the same problem.
  • Well, another important thing (related to searching for new material) is to never stop studying. A degree is not everything, after that you are not “arrived”... Actually.. It is quite the opposite.. Going to workshops or studying at home, it's the only thing that will distinguish you between a good and a bad teacher. Trust me.
  • It's ok to be your own worst critic but more important it is essential to be your own strength.
  • Being always there for other teachers (as well as for your students). Being good and helpful can be really motivating and this can help you in so many levels.
  • Last but not least (even if it contradicts with the previous point), it is essential to switch off sometimes. You can't always be on top if you do not take some time for you. You should always put yourself on your priority list.

That's all, I mean, there are so many steps and so many points of view that I guess this could go on forever, but for me these are some steps that you, as a teacher, should always remember.

Laura Papi

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Submitted by pichach on Thu, 12/11/2014 - 12:06


Thank you for your wonderful blog! There are really so many steps and viewpoints, but the ones mentioned are very encouraging. I couldn't agree more...

Hello there! Thank you for your feedback! It's refreshing to see that my opinions and my methods are appreciated! Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

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