Speaking in tongues

Over the years I've found that whenever I've told someone that I teach English as a Foreign Language, the next question they invariably ask is "But how do you teach learners who don't speak your language?".

A seemingly valid point but of course we all know it's not necessary to be able to speak your learners' L1s to be able to teach them. Useful yes, but necessary no - if it was many of us would not be where we are today - but this is especially true for multilingual classes since it's unlikely that any teacher would be able to speak all the languages of their learners.

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Professional Development: it's a love/hate thing

Professional Development is like eating vegetables. We all know it's good for us but we only really get our 5-a-day if someone is being really pushy about it.

Who has the time these days to sit around and develop ourselves? Certainly not busy teachers. Besides, our classes are going just fine, so why can't we just keep on doing what we're doing?

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Motivating Myself

Being motivated and staying motivated is difficult. Now that we're in the new year and back to work, I'm finding that I have endless energy and bags of enthusiasm, which is in stark contrast to the holiday mode of the end of last year when I struggled to even think about putting pen to paper, let alone deal with pesky students. Amazing the difference a few weeks make.

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