I'd be really grateful if anyone has any ideas about where I can find good teacher training resources here in the Middle East.

I'm involved in the establishment of a teacher training programme in Iraq which is incredibly exciting and all the more challenging because there are very limited resources here for this sort of project. There is no internal mail service here so it is impossible to order books from internet sites and anyway there are no credit cards to pay for anything online. I'll travel back to London if there's no other way but if anyone knows of a closer option...?

 I've already picked up a few suggestions of books from other posts on this site, namely J.Harmer's "How to Teach english", "The Practice of English teaching" and T.Woodward's "Ways of Working with Teachers"....I'm sure that these will help me a lot but I'd really appreciate any other suggestions, particularly for worksheets or videos which might be appropriate for non native speaker teachers with an average intermediate (B2) level of English.

Any ideas?


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