Most teachers and teacher trainers tend to start their lessons casually and routinely but a few of them like me start them by cracking a joke and the like.

As a teacher and a trainer, I usually start my lessons in the following manner which helps the students to lend their ears (to the teacher) to me. The way I teach differs from the students to teachers.

1. Telling a joke: I usually begin the session by telling a joke to the students. Thereafter, I ask a few students how they enjoyed the joke. This helps to improve the communication skills among the learners.

2. Writing a Quotation: I usually write a quotation on the blackboard and try to elicit the meaning of it from among the students which helps me to develop the spoken skills among them.

3. Telling a small story: The best thing to do is to motivate the students towards the lesson unknowingly is sharing a good but small story which creates a lot of interest among the learners and they participate in the discussion that follows and which helps to improve the dialogue between the teacher and the taught.

4. Stopping a story at the crucial point: The finest thing among the ice – breakers is to tell a story and stop it at the crucial moment. Ask a few questions to elicit the answers. The answers might be wrong or right but the questions trigger imagination and help to improve the oral communication skills among the learners/participants

5. The usual way of starting a lesson is to talk about the the previous class and ask a few questions related to it. I feel that a teacher must not start a new lesson abruptly and directly. There must be some trigger followed by a fruitful discussion for a few minutes. Then the transition becomes very smooth and effective and sets the tempo for the free flow of the lesson.

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