Summer Holidays and Professional Development

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Summer holidays give teachers a retreat from teaching, exams and correction.

Besides attending a summer resort, this time can be profitably be used to introspect ourselves.
I usually attend the orientation programmes as the resource person and enlighten the teachers upon the need to improve their teaching skills, writing the lesson plans and refresh their communicational skills. As R.W. Emerson says “Education is an unending experiment it is an ever elasticity of mind” A teacher needs to be more professional than other professionals because “ the destiny of a nation is shaped inside the four walls of the classrooms” so the teacher should always update his knowledge , refresh his/her teaching strategies from time to time.

I Would like to say what I have done during the summer holidays.
 Since I am The text book writer at the secondary level myself, I have revised the course books.
 I have read very exhaustively the national curriculum frame work (NCF 2005) Which dealt in detail various aspects of methodology, course books and the responsibility of teachers towards the school and society.
 I downloaded and read some great essays by scot Thornbury’s which exemplify the qualities of a teacher and teacher trainer.
 I have planned what I should teach during the academic year 2015-16 and wrote the lesson plans.

On the whole, I have determined to be a better English teacher and trainer. I am looking forward to fulfilling my responsibilities with more zeal and innovation.

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