A titanic man in a tiny global village.


I attended the 4th international ELTAI conference as its convener of East Godavari chapter,A.P from 7th august to 9th august held in Chennai under the auspices of justice basher ahmed sayeed college for women under the collaboration of BC and RELO,American centre,new delhi.

 Nearly 1000 delegates across the globe attended the conference .The dignitaries included ann mc allen(relo), Wendy Arnold(BC),Alison Barret (BC), And the moderaters  are fr peeter francis,Aneela Balsavar(French),p seralathan(German),Sr luz(Spanish),Park Eunsong(Korean),Geeta dorai rajan(EFLU),Albert Rayan(ELTECS),Wayne T,schams(America),Mnk bose an Indian working in yemen,Eric Mc cutcheon(America),Kandaih shri ganeshan an Indian working in srilanka mvinayakumari working in libia,Imam Abdullah (yemen) and a host of scholars,linguists and lovers of English language.

  The scholars were talking about their experiences of teaching English in their respective countries.There were seminars,paper presentations,discussions,book exhibitions,digital labs etc. Ever body was speaking in English about the importance of English. Some were talking about multiple intelligences. Others were about English for specific purposes.The rest were talking about technology in the use of English. There was English,English, English…….During breakfast,lunch and dinner we had drunk and  eaten english

  At night there were cultural activities-skits,songs,dances.-all in English about English.

For the first tine I felt as if I were a titanic man in  a tiny global village .I thought that the world shrank into a tiny gobal village and man grew into huge titanic proportions only because of the English language .Can a modern man live without English and electricity?


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