TODAY in India education becomes a fundamental right.

It may make the drop out surely delight

But total literacy is not in sight

It is still a long way to fight

One Crore children benefit from the act

India joins the countries of elite

Education becomes a  Constitutional right 

It is a tryst with destiny of great height

To think that the law does every thing is not right

The poor and the down trodden should fight for their right

All the children from 6to 14 must go to school

But the government should be very serious about its rule

There are the rich and the poor divide

This fact no Indian can hide

The street children in cities beg for alms

The rich schoolchildren eat delicious ice creams

The out of the school child hits the hill with a hammer

The rich child in the corporate school learns latest English grammar

When corruption is the order of the day

How can the government make the children gay?

In secondary schools examination becomes a farce

My words may sound some what harsh

Mass copying is every student’s birth right

A strict teacher like me is always out of sight

Without a bribe no file moves an inch

Money always makes the right punch

I am really an optimist

But a probing journalist

I am government English teacher

Telling the truth has become my feauture

Corruption, red tape and nepotism is a mist

Every Indian should root out them from the list

Lest rowdies and goons should rule the roost

The intellectuals have nothing whatsoever to boost

Yours sincerely,








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