Teenager challenges

After ten years as a teacher, I was going to start teaching groups of teenagers for the first time. Up to this point, I had only taught adults, with a few teens in amongst the older students, but now I would have groups of exclusively teens in classes of around 15. Luckily for me I have good friends so they gave me loads of great advice (which you can read here on my blog).

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James Taylor: What does the term 21st century skills mean to me?

But if you’ve been to an ELT conference recently then you’ve probably heard the phrase used in numerous talks and you might be convinced that this is the next big thing in education. Or you might also be wondering what all the fuss is about.

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James Taylor: Encouraging students to do a deep dive

If you grab a coursebook near you and open it at a random and take a look at a listening activity, you will almost definitely find the following formula:
1)     Pre-listening task to make the students familiar with the topic
2)     A question so the students get the general idea about the listening
3)     Some questions so the students get more detailed information from the listening
4)     Follow up work on a grammar or vocabulary point.
5)     Some f
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James Taylor: PPP, TTT, TBL, Dogme

If you’re a curious teacher (and you’re reading this, so I guess you are!), then I’m sure you will have some idea about the different teaching methodologies and approaches that have emerged throughout the history of English language teaching. The last century saw a radical shift from the now outdated Grammar Translation method all the way through to the beginnings of communicative language teaching (CLT) in the seventies.
But what you might also notice is that since then we haven’t really seen any new credible methodologies emerge.
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James Taylor: Integrating technology with pedagogy

"While much is written about integrating technology into the classroom, large parts of the world still do not have reliable internet connections, or no internet connection at all in their schools and classrooms. In which low or no-tech contexts would technology add value or further learning/language aims? How might it be integrated into learning and the classroom?"

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