Are you a novice teacher living in Egypt? Do you feel like you are locked in a vicious circle of teaching all day and no time to develop yourself?


I have been in your shoes 3 years ago. I would go to the teaching centre give classes all day and return home at night so drained to reflect on anything or prepare for the next day. Before I even knew it ,6 years of my life have passed and spent on teaching with no real awareness or a sense of development.

If you work in Egypt, then you either work for the public/private sectors and either way the school/centre you work for rarely invest on its staff development. Hence, you should learn to develop yourself .

Now, there are lots of different channels where you can find professional development either online or face to face. Here are some of the following:

a- Reflect : keep a diary or a blog where you can think back of your teaching.

b- Take an online course: there are many online MOOC that presents online courses related to teaching and the language as well.

c- Follow/Join a SIG: find an area of interest in teaching such as assessment,Learning and Technology, English for special purposes, etc.. . Join other follow colleagues who share the same interest in a Special Interest Group.

d- Attend PD events: the Nile TESOL and the IATEFL are very important professional development that you can attend.The former conference is held in Egypt and the later is in Britain but can be attended online

. e- Follow other experienced teacher/trainers: Maha ESL is a good example of the experienced teacher trainer who train other teachers and work in the AUC. She holds a free group discussion at the Greek building for all the teachers.

Finally, the most valuable source of professional development is peer observation. Attend other colleague's classes and invite them to your class. You will always learn something new through peer observation.

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