Having a PLN is a privilege.

It is your Personal Learning Network whom you can rely on whenever you need help advice, ideas and inspirations. Whenever you lose hope, feel unmotivated, got stuck with new ideas or when you think you don’t know where to look first, you can ask your PLN to help you.

Having a PLN enables you improve yourself. You start reading more about your job, you see all these wonderful, creative and hardworking teachers and you become more creative. It is a constant professional development. They inform you about the seminars, webinars and every online opportunity that you can use to become a better teacher.

It is actually like sharing a staffroom with like-minded people.

If you think it is virtual. Believe me it is not.

You become friends with members of your PLN. You open your classroom door to their classroom and start to collaborate. You give a chance to your students to meet others all around the world with joint projects.

Suddenly, maybe one night you can have so many questions on a certain subject but can't find an answer or a solution and then, yes you remember that you have a PLN to help. In May, I tweeted I had so many questions on PBL (project based learning) and the links were not answering my question, a friend from Brazil prepared a Google document answering all my questions. Do you think this is all? Nope, she also sent me a book from Brazil by post. Am I wrong? Can she be just a virtual friend?

We sometimes get so bored or become lazy that we can chat or listen to music together with our cups of coffee.

We share so many things together. I believe PLN enthuse its members and the enthusiasm is infectious. I can see how much we love our jobs.

Yes, a PLN is a staffroom full of like-minded, enthusiastic people. It is a place without borders and you can reach somebody when you call. It is open 7/24.

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