The last few weeks I've been having a look at wikis and thinking about how I can use them both for teacher development purposes and also for students.

The last few weeks I've been having a look at wikis and thinking about how I can use them both for teacher development purposes and also for students.

I'm in the process of preparing a course for teacher trainers in Morocco and I really wanted to look at how we could use these within the course (it will be a blended learning course run over the space of some months) to support the trainers and also I wanted to experiment witha couple of ideas I had for using them with students for collaborative writing.

So far I've set up two wikis. The first one for teachers interested in using learning technology is here:

  • So far I'm developing a list of FAQs ( frequently asked questions) that teachers have regarding technology. Anyone can add to or answer the questions.
  • I also added a glossary section for anyone who wanted definitions of IT related terms.
  • The final part, for the moment, is a section on defining key skills for teachers using technology.

Please feel free to have a look and register and participate.

My second wiki is aimed at students and is based on the story of Cinderella:

The idea is that anyone can add to the story and enhance it. I've also added pages so that the story can be told from the perspectives of different people in the story. Ever wondered what the Ugly sisters felt about their sister? I'm hoping that students will start to add to and fill in the different parts of the story.

Again if you want to get your students to contribute please get them to register and get involved.

Both of these projects a pretty experimental for me so I'm not sure how well they will work, so if you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

There's a video tutorial here showing you how to edit a wiki (it's very simple) if you haven't used one before.

Look forward to your feedback and participation





Hi Nik,

You're doing some interesting stuff!

The world is so different now so many learners have access to the Internet - though admittedly, they have to be able to read English to use most of the content available.

Do you know what proportion of English learners around the globe have Internet access?

We have a wiki aspect to the learnit project - it's for adding rarer languages to our project. Good luck!


 Hi Nik

My last experience with a wiki is as a tool for collaborative writing along a Moddle course. In our e-tutor online course, small groups are asked to contribute to the conferences with group-posts, so group members have been using a wiki to put down their individual ideas, add to each other's contributions and get to a final draft before posting to the course forum. It's been a very interesting and successful experience so far.

I've also used it with exam preparation students. Each one of them has their own wiki to work on their writing assignments and where I write my comments and highlight things to be corrected. In this way the process of writing/correcting becomes incredibly dynamic.

I hope you find this useful

Chris Lima

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