This is the first question in the long list I offered in my last blog entry.

I have met ‘teacher trainers’ who are called or who call themselves: teacher educators, inspectors, mentors, senior teachers, experts, academic directors, coaches, master teachers, supervisors, lead teachers, co-operating teachers and curriculum leaders! And many more that are even more exotic! ‘FIFO’ for example! Each name has a different connotation, I think. Some sound very academic, some sound helpful and others sound more authoritarian and judgmental. And, in turn, they each suggest different names for the teachers they work with. So a ‘mentor’ needs a ‘mentee’ and a ‘senior teacher’ needs a ‘junior teacher’, I suppose! In my job at college, I am called a Professional Development Co-ordinator. It’s a bit of a mouthful but is a title I can live with since it doesn’t suggest that I DO anything TO anybody!

Which of the labels do you prefer? Which works in your context? What implications are there to the one you have chosen or that you are stuck with?

And what do all these people, no matter what they are called, have in common?


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