If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children's tomorrow

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children's tomorrow" (John Dewey)

Here are some other websites that you can find interesting and have fun when you explore.

Multicoloured is a site that lets you create your own flag.

If you want to create your own games, you can have a look at this site. You can create your own games for your students.

Pikikids is a site that you create your own comics. Our students can have fun while they are creating their own comics according to their topics.

Mindmeister is a mind mapping tool. You can brainstorm with your students, share ideas etc.

With Postica, you can create sticky notes on internet and share it with others. Stixy is a similiar site.

Yacapaca is a site that can be used by both teachers and students. You can create your online class, quizzes, surveys, portfolios, assesment sheets.

Lifehaps is another timeline that you can keep record of your life and share it with other people.

Gizmoz is such a fun site. You can express yourself with a 3D talking head. If you like voki or blabberize, you are sure to like this too.

Makebeliefs is a site that lets you create comic scripts.

With Thinkature, you can create a collaborative working space and share it with your colleagues and students. You can communicate by chatting, creating cards and adding content from the Internet. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds very interesting.

And, here comes some other digital storytelling tools:

Slideroll is a easy way to create your own photo slides.

Picto is a site that lets you display Flickr images on your websit or your blog.

Sliderocket is my favourite presentation tool. You can create 3D presentations. I had mentioned about it before.

Flowgram is a site that you can create presentations by combining photos, PowerPoint presentations and webpages together with your notes.

With Tabloo, you can put your photos together and create wonderful presentations. I like it. You can give it a try too.

Bubbleply is a site that lets you comment or add subtitles on any videos you want to share with others. We can add comments to our student-produced videos or they can add comments on each other's videos.

Jumpcut is another way to upload, edit and share your photos.

With Viewbook, you can create image galleries and picture presentations.

Scrapblog is a site that we can create our scrap presentations using different medias.

I hope, you find them all usefull. Don't forget, they are not all about technology; they are also about TEaCHing.

All the best,


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Without any doubt, Pikikids is a very useful and straightforward tool. Signing up is quite quick and the lay out, suitable for young EFL learners. I'm going to introduce it in the EFL syllabus I'm elaborating for my entrance examination by early July. Thank you very much, Özge! 

There are some real gems here, özge

Thanks for sharing them with us

Graham Stanley,

British Council Young Learner Centre, Barcelona, Spain

Hi Özge

I am speechless about your skills and knowledge! I have learned many many many things from your blogs. Thank you very very much!


Hi Baiba,

I am happy that you find the sites useful and thank you for your nice words.




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