I mentioned in my bio that one of my interest areas is continuing professional development.

Hello everybody

In this blog entry I would like to look at this from the point of view of provision of in house meetings and workshop programmes.

When I worked in a large language school in Spain we would have regular inspection visits from our world organisation team. The visitor's brief was to check out all the different aspects of the school, including the satisfaction levels of the teachers around the area of in service training. An interesting and frequent result was that teachers felt they did not have enough opportunities to develop. From a management viewpoint this was strange as teachers were regularly observed and inhouse educational meetings were an obligatory component of the week. In addition there was a programme of regular workshops and an annual ELT conference open to all teachers inside and outside of the school: which almost none of the teachers attended. So there was more than enough supply for the demand, but there was a curious mismatch between supply and uptake. Perhaps what was supplied was not what teachers wanted, or their lives made it difficult to take advantage of what was available. In any case, it was an unsatisfactory situation for the teachers, as they made clear at inspection time, and a disappointing situation for managers, who worked hard to provide programmes which teachers did not attend.

I would love to hear your views on this and your experiences of in house training!