I was interviewed by Graham Stanley of the British Council recently.

 If you have any questions about what I say, why not leave a comment below.


sorry, but i can't watch the video. maybe there are some problems

My question is ... why does the video not play ? :-) I'm using a Mac, any idea whether that's the problem ?

Graham,thank you for your light and very intellegent approach in teaching. Your thoughts about the Internet implementation helped me to discover new ideas.

Hi Suzanne and Ngoclinh

Sorry to hear about your problems - I've just tested the video on different browsers and it seems to be working ok - but I've not tested it on a Mac.

Can you see the video player?

If you have time, drop us a line via the Contact page and hopefully we can sort it out for you.

All the best


Hi Suzanne and Ngoclinh,it works fine on my Mac - it might be the browser you are using (Do you use Safari?)Best,Graham