What are the basic technical skills that we need, as teachers, if we want to use online video in the classroom?

What are the basic technical skills that we need, as teachers, if we want to use online video in the classroom? We already considered hardware issues in a previous posting. Here I am thinking of the skills that allow us to manipulate video as material - skills that can be referred to as 'digital scissors and sellotape'. Here are a few that I have identified:

  • Knowing how to find video content (for example, making use of the search facilities on YouTube)
  • Knowing how to upload a video onto a video-sharing site
  • Knowing how to download video (i.e. capture a clip from YouTube so that it can be stored on a pen drive or laptop and played in class without Internet connection)
  • Knowing how to use video-editing software (e.g. Windows Movie Maker)
  • Knowing how to make screen captures so that we can turn video clips into story boards

 To some of us, these are the everyday skills that allow us to copy, paste, cut, edit, share, etc. To others, they are the skills that we wish we had. In some cases they may seem out of our reach and beyond our capabilities but that shouldn't be the case.The title of this blog posting could have been: 'Everything you wanted to know about video competencies but were too afraid to ask'. Please feel free to ask questions and share tips in the comments below.


Hello Jamie!
I would like to ask if you have prepared some information about how to turn a set of pictures or a powerpoint slideshow into a video file and to upload it onto a video-sharing site.
Thank you!
Best wishes!

Hello Jammie,Thanks for post. That's what I actually do in class, video fragments of the lessson and use them as material for discussion. I also took part in video project ran by USA Embassey in Russia. They filmed 18 lessons by Russian teachers and produced a DVD for other teachers' use.Of course ,I asked about videos from the classroom.All the bestKeep in touchTatyana 

Hello TatyanaSounds like you have been doing some excellent work. Have you ever considered putting any of the clip online (YouTube, for example)? It would be fantastic to see you at work!I think that there are a lot of teachers out there using video recorders in the classroom. But, like you, I struggle to find classroom video clips online. Perhaps this means that teachers don't want to upload/share clips for reasons of privacy, shyness, etc.But when you consider how much we could potentially learn from each other by sharing our classroom practice, I feel that we should try to encourage a culture in which uploading classroom clips is more commonplace.Hope to see you soon Tatyana!Jamie

Hello ZhivkaLovely to hear from you.This is another fantastic possibility for video editing software. I have created a few clips with students using the technique you mention. For example:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xadIrfHOnxohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v... you have access to a video-editing application? If you use a PC, you may already have Windows Movie Maker. That is what you need to create video slideshows. Don't be scared to open up the application and mess around with it. That is the best way to learn.Look for theTasks tool bar. When you open that up, you will see a number of different functions available. Select the 'Import' function. You will then be able to select images that are already on your computer hard drive and then drag/drop them into the Timeline at the bottom of the screen.Try that and see how you get on. Come back and then we can take it from there.Good luck!Jamie

Thank you very much, Jamie! I'll try it :) Thanks a lot! Best wishes! Zhivka