On the IH Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate we recommend a number of resources for cultural research and teaching.

On the IH Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate we recommend a number of resources for cultural research and teaching. Here they are. What resources have you found useful? Post them on this site so that we can all share.

Theory and background:
Hall ET 1990 The Silent Language New York Anchor Paperbacks
Hofstede G 2003 Cultures and Organisations London Harper Collins
Trompenaars F 2003 Riding the Waves of Culture London NB Books
Mole J 2003 Mind Your Manners London NB Books
Lewis RD 2003 When Cultures Collide London NB Books
Tomalin B and Nicks M 2007 ‘The World's Business Cultures and How to Unlock Them' London, Thorogood Publishing
Guirdham M 2005 Communicating across Cultures at Work Basingstoke Palgrave Macmillan

TIPS for Teachers
Tomalin B & Stempleski S 1995 Cultural Awareness Oxford Oxford University Press
Tomalin B & Stempleski S 201 Oxford Oxford University Press

Country research
Morrison T 1991 Kiss Bow or Shake Hands New York Abrams Media
Lewis RD 2003 When Cultures Collide London NB Books
Gesteland R 2001 Cross-cultural Negotiation Copenhagen Copenhagen Business School Press
Tomalin B and Nicks M ‘Worlds Business Cultures' for China, US, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, UK, Germany, France and Italy.
CultureSmart Guides London Kuperard Publishing
CultureShock Guides Singapore, Times Books
Axtell Roger 1991 Do's and Taboos of International Trade, New York, Wiley
CIA Factbooks www.google.com enter country
Books in the NB Books/ Intercultural Press series

www.dialogin.com - free website and network resource

www.executiveplanet.com - useful cultural briefings

www.kwintessential.com - cultural briefings

www.rln_eastmidlands.com - language and culture briefings and podcasts

www.ihlondon.com/culture/downloads - podcasts on managment and culture

www.economist.com - information

www.bbc.co.uk- language and cultural information

www.sietar.org - the leading professional organisation devoted to the reserach and teaching of cultural issue in business





Hello,again, BARRY!

Firstly, we'd like to thank you for such a diversity of resources integrating Language & Culture.

These are very important tips for both teachers and every world citizen interested in personal and professional development, we think.

As for teachers'interests, we think that cultural environments, cultural approaches always provide an extra dimension to the classroom atmosphere/lesson activities. They should be closely associated with the language topics/contents. By doing so, teachers are more likely to motivate their learners, even boosting their reading interests, beyond contributing to teacher development.

Before this long list of resources you have kindly posted here, we have highlighted www.dialogin.com; www.sietar.org and www.rln_eastmidlands.com ; www.Kwintessential.com  as well as Lewis, R.D.,When Cultures Collide (2003)beyond Tomalin B. & Stempleski book references!

 When I've noticed "Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands" by T. Morrison, I confess that some latest news in the world of politics/inter-politicians have come to my mind. That must be a very useful read for everyone, I guess.

If I'm allowed to suggest some other e-resources, I'll do it with much pleasure.

Some of our personal suggestions: Theliteracysite.com; Heritage & Culture; Scotsman.com ; Telegraph.co.uk; Guardian.co.uk; encompassculture.com; Teachervision.com

Warm regards,



A really practical collection of teaching resources can be found in The Culture Pack by Derek Utley, York Associates 2000 ISBN 1-900-911-11-X

This is one of those ring-bound photocopiable courses which are such a life-saver for the busy teacher.

The exercises are well-thought-out and turn the theory into practice !

Michael Bundy

IH London

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