The Trials of a Newly Qualified Teacher

When I think back on my first year as a teacher, I still break into a cold sweat. At the time, I thought that I was doing the best I could, that is, the only teaching experience I had previously to my first position as a preschool teacher was two hours observation in a classroom down the hallway from me before being “thrown to the wolves”.

Knowing what I know now after nearly 20 years of being an “educator”, I see that I was barely surviving and had no real clue to what I was doing or maybe more importantly, why I was doing it.

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Planning for the Early Primary Stages

Well, that is not entirely true because sometimes I used text books as a loose guide to help and shape my own short and long term plans, ideas and activities. 

Now I am a teacher trainer, but previously to that, I taught subjects such as English, Art and Science (preschool and primary stages) in bilingual schools. My last few years in a classroom also focused on preparation for English external exams, which my students were expected to take at the end of each year.

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