Ana Cristina Pratas: Integrating Technology with the Simple Past

However, by mixing approaches, one can achieve elements of higher engagement by giving learners the opportunity to learn, analyze and create.

This is an example for vocabulary on Toys and the revision of the Simple Past.


  • Begin by brainstorming what toys and games students played when they were children.
  • Show slides on Lego and let students work in pairs to do the mini research questions.

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Ana Cristina Pratas - Six Degrees of Integration

For teachers who either must or wish to begin integrating technology in their classrooms, the fundamental question is often: Where to begin? There are many great tools, platforms and apps to use but which are the easiest for language teachers to begin with? Not meaning to be the ultimate road-map of technology integration, here are some possible ideas for those starting to use digital tools in the language classroom.

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