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How to Implement 21st Century Skills in Class

Coming from a background where all spheres of education are teacher-centered, many things I've read, learnt and seen online and abroad have been a big eye-opener in my career (thank you, Internet).  What I do in class and how I see education at large has taken a different turn in the past few years so it's only logical for me to continue helping my learners grow in the best possible way.

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World Events as Lesson Warm-ups

Teacher: ‘Sooo… how are you, guys?’
(disinterested, sleepy) students: ‘Tiiiired.’
(eager) teacher: ‘ What did you do last weekend’?
(tired) students: ‘Noooothing (special).’

You can avoid those scenarios by drawing inspiration from the recent news, and I’d like to share a few examples. The following ideas have been tried and tested in class and received positive feedback among adult learners from lower to advanced levels, because they

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