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Writing is your superpower

Post by Natalia Moiseeva

Our Gen-Z students are determined and like challenges. So, to 'sell' any writing activity to them show what’s the practical value in it and make it fun, gamify!

In fact, an ability to write powerful texts is not just a language sklil – it’s a superpower! Because any advertising or political campaign, social movement, negotiations or even relationships start with the text.

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5 greatest fears of the English teachers

1. You are unprepared - for some awkward reasons you forgot to work out a lesson plan or at least to sketch some ideas, so you are in front of the class and you've got nothing in your sleeve. Booo!

Solution: - A good chance to try a Dogme lesson. Come up with a simple question: How do you feel today? and just follow the flow.

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Board games club for the teachers.

They’ve joined the board games club! When it first started it was meant to be a 'consillium' organised by the language department to get over something that seemed to be the fast-spreading desease among students, easily recognised by the following symptoms:

  • Getting bored of working with any kind of textbooks;
  • Using workbooks for drawing;
  • Picking up their phones any moment you are not looking;

Diagnosis made: 'Allergy to books'. Prescription: 'Gamification'. 

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